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How long does each therapy session take? How often do I need to go to therapy?

Each therapy session is 50 minutes long. Typically, clients will do therapy on a weekly or biweekly basis.

What is your approach to therapy?

Therapy is a collaborative effort between my clients and me. I work primarily from an expressive arts therapy approach. I also incorporate narrative and relational gestalt frameworks. Increasing self-awareness and encouraging creative exploration will be at the core of the work as we work toward the therapeutic goals.

What are your rates? Do you offer sliding scale rates.

My rate for 50-minute sessions is $150. I do offer limited sliding scale spots. Please inquire about availability during the 20-minute consultation.

Do I have to be an artist to do expressive arts therapy?

Not at all. The heart of expressive arts therapy is truly the creative expression. It's not an art or dance class, so I'm not grading your art skills. No grading or judgment here. It's the process and what insight you might gain from the process that matter.

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